Review: Byron – A Poet Dangerous to Know by Geoffrey Trease

byronTitle: Byron – A Poet Dangerous to Know

Author: Geoffrey Trease

Pages: 165 Pages

Publisher: Endeavour Press

The Blurb

“A poet dangerous to know,” said Lady Caroline Lamb, infatuated with Lord Byron

As were many others, both in fact and in fancy, for he was a man who had the misfortune to become a legend in his own time.

It was largely a scandalous legend.

The reputed improprieties of his life have continued to shadow his name and obscure the details of what was in essence a tragic story.

Born of an unhappy marriage, lame from infancy, reared in an uncomfortable mixture of poverty and grandeur, Byron was also gifted, spectacularly handsome, and a peer, attributes which ensured his entry into fashionable London society.

He was headstrong, brave almost to recklessness, and proud, a storm-centre wherever he went, his complex character an enigma both to his admirers and detractors.

Geoffrey Trease traces Byron’s turbulent career, outlining with tact and clarity the varied relationships that formed his character and ordered his life from its deprived beginning to his untimely death, mourned by Greek patriots and a handful of loyal and devoted friends.

He relates the poet’s work to the events that inspired and enriched them.

Byron’s poems are so interwoven with his personal life that they are often incomprehensible by themselves, and Byron’s human relationships must be explained as well as his foreign travels and romantic death.

The Review

I’m not a lover of reading poetry. It hurts me to say that because I do love reading and I’m an old romantic at heart but I have never really fallen in love with poetry as an art form. However, as a craft I absolutely adore it. I love getting to the nitty gritty of a poem and basking in the cleverness of the writer. I get to do this a lot because I work in a high school and I am often involved in poetry lessons.

This year I discovered the poetry of Byron. It is actually quite shocking that it took me 33 years but hey ho, what can you do?  I found his work captivating so when the option came up to read about his fascinating and scandalous life I jumped at the chance.

Byron A Poet Dangerous To Know is a brilliant guide to all things Byron. The book delves into his life, his loves, his family history and all the little things that made Byron tick. Trease’s writing style made the biography very readable. Never did I feel too bogged down by information and it almost felt like the biography read as a novel but then Byron’s life was lived in quite a dramatic and entertaining fashion that I am not surprised by this.

If you are new to Byron’s poetry then I would definitely recommend giving Geoffrey Trease’s book a read.

Byron A Poet Dangerous To Know by Geoffrey Trease is available now.

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