Review: Confessions of a City Girl: Washington D.C. (A Confessions Novella) by Juliette Sobanet

Washington DCTitle: Confessions of a City Girl: Washington D.C. (A Confessions Novella)

Author: Juliette Sobanet

Pages: 81 Pages

Publisher: Saint Germain Press

The Blurb

When famous romance novelist Violet Bell returns to her DC alma mater to speak to the senior class about her glamorous life ten years after graduation, the last thing anyone expects to hear is the truth. But after a devastating divorce and way too many missed writing deadlines have left her scrambling for both money and her sanity, not even a healthy dose of Xanax can stop the humiliating meltdown she has on stage.

As soon as her shocking anti-love diatribes go viral, Violet’s once lustrous career writing happily-ever-afters becomes a distant memory. With nowhere else to turn, Violet finds solace at the home of her closest friend from college, Aaron Wright. Practical, preppy, and married to his job on the Hill, Aaron was never the guy for the ultra-scandalous Violet. But a whirlwind weekend together in the Nation’s Capital could have her wondering if Mr. Wright hasn’t been right underneath her nose all along…

The Review

Welcome back, Juliette.

You may find that a weird way to start a review but Juliette Sobanet’s last two books have been  in the non-fiction and poetry genre (both releases have been great and your should read them) but now she is back doing what (I personally think) she does best: Romantic Fiction.

Confessions of a City Girl: Washington D.C. is the latest book in Sobanet’s Confessions collection; short stories that pack an emotional punch. In Washington DC we find Violet Bell – a recently divorced romance novelist who has lost her way a little bit. She has begun to doubt what love is and has publically renounced her romance novels as tripe. She is in trouble and she is sinking fast. She has been told she has to write her next novel in two weeks or she will be dropped by her publishers. Violet is lower than low. She has forgotten what true romance is. That is until her long time friend Aaron comes along to try to remind her.

I loved Confessions of a City Girl: Washington D.C. because I felt like I was reading Juliette Sobanet come alive again. Sobanet admits to using part of her personal life in this story but even though Sobanet (along with protagonist Violet) has been to hell and back you leave this novel with the windswept feeling of love and optimism. That is what I loved about this book.

Once again Juliette, welcome back.

Confessions of a City Girl: Washington D.C. (A Confessions Novella) by Juliette Sobanet is available now.

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4 Stars

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