Review: We’ll Always Have Paris by Sue Watson

We'll Always Have ParisTitle: We’ll Always Have Paris

Author: Sue Watson

Pages: 416 Pages

Publisher: Little Brown UK

The Blurb

Does first love deserve a second chance?

When she was almost seventeen, Rosie Draper locked eyes with a charismatic student called Peter during their first week at art college, changing the course of her life forever. Now, on the cusp of sixty-five and recently widowed, Rosie is slowly coming to terms with a new future. And after a chance encounter with Peter, forty-seven years later, they both begin to wonder ‘what if’ . . .

Told with warmth, wit and humour, We’ll Always Have Paris is a charming, moving and uplifting novel about two people; the choices they make, the lives they lead and the love they share.

The Review

When I was fourteen, my best friend Ana and I decided that if we hadn’t met the man we loved and we weren’t married by the time we were 21 then we would join the army. 21 came round sooner than we cared to believe and rather than following through with our pact we shrugged our shoulders and carried on. We didn’t join the army and now at 32 we are both still unmarried. You may be wondering why I have prefaced my review with this anecdote but it is to highlight that the concept of time is often skewed by age.

In a sense, this is the point that underpins Sue Watson’s new novel We’ll Always Have Paris. Protagonist Rosie has recently been widowed and after a period of mourning she has decided that she needs to make changes in her life. This is made more evident when she bumps into her first love, Peter; the man who, at the tender age of seventeen, broke her fragile heart. Is this fate giving Rosie, at the age of 64, a second chance?

We’ll Always Have Paris is lovely. It is a story that reminds us that love has no boundaries – certainly not age – and that we should grab any chance given to us with both hands. Watson delicately handles the shift in family dynamics when someone dies. She deals with the pain and anxiety of losing a husband and a parent and the uncertainty when family members move on with their lives. It is a difficult issue sensitively handled.

We’ll Always Have Paris is a lovely story. It has heart, romance and truthfulness to it and I would thoroughly recommend it as your next summer read.

We’ll Always Have Paris by Sue Watson is available now.

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35 Stars

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