Review: Maggie’s Plan by Rebecca Miller

Maggie's PlanTitle: Maggie’s Plan

Author: Rebecca Miller

Pages: 144 Pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury

The Blurb

Maggie has a plan. She is a young, independent New Yorker determined to have a baby on her own—until she meets the handsome, married professor John. While his marriage falls apart, John and Maggie embark on their own romance—but three years later, Maggie’s not so sure she made the right decision. Time for a new plan— reuniting her new husband with his first wife!

Based on an unpublished novel by Karen Rinaldi, Maggie’s Plan is an affectionate send-up of highbrow academic culture and a mediation on millennial self-realization. Rebecca Miller’s deft screenplay, now available from Bloomsbury Methuen Drama, exhibits her characteristic sensitivity to female experience, but with a playfulness given freer rein than ever before in her work.

The Review

Maggie’s Plan is a quirky love story that is loosely based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. When Maggie and John meet they quickly fall in love with each other – John’s wife and family be damned. A few years later, Maggie realises what a horrible mistake it was to make John leave his family for her and sets off to do what she can to get John and his first wife back together.

This is my first time reviewing a film script so it seems rather silly to say that this story reads like a movie because, of course, that was the original intention. Maggie’s Plan has cinematic quality to it that really made me engage with the characters. I loved Maggie’s optimism and desire to fix things. I loved Georgette’s icy exterior but marshmallow-like insides. I did not like John – he was selfish, arrogant and a megalomaniac. I get that we are supposed to sympathise with him a little since he is marionette having his strings controlled by the puppet masters i.e. his current and ex-wife but I just thought he was my idea of the worst husband ever.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this script and it has made me want to watch the movie.

Maggie’s Plan by Rebecca Miller is available now.

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3 Stars

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