Review: Walking on Sunshine by Rachel Kelly

Walkin on SunshineTitle: Walking on Sunshine

Author: Rachel Kelly

Pages: 144 Pages

Publisher: Short Books

The Blurb

Walking on Sunshine offers 52 tips, tools and positive ideas (one for each week of the year) to guide you through the seasons and better manage the pressures of everyday life.

In a diary of her year, Rachel Kelly shares the strategies that have helped her stay calm and happy after overcoming depression. Some of the steps relate to particular experiences and events, such as holidays, dramas at work and her children’s exams; others are useful at any time. Indeed this is an ideal book to dip into whenever the mood takes you.

Written in the confidential, conversational style of a good friend and delightfully illustrated by Daily Mailcartoonist Jonathan Pugh, Walking on Sunshine will act as a constant, supportive companion through your ups and downs.

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The Review

Walking on Sunshine is a charming little book from writer Rachel Kelly who discusses her struggles with mindfulness and how she uses the world around her to create a positive attitude and outlook.

This may all seem overly simplified and twee but there have been any scientific studies (so I’m told) that show how meditation, counting your blessings, etc., can have a great effect on your attitude and mental health. This is a little collection that shows you just how to do that for yourself.

Walking on Sunshine doesn’t include an exhaustive list and it is a book that can be read either in a full sitting or one tip per week. It is entirely up to you.

Walking on Sunshine by Rachel Kelly is available now.

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3 Stars

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