Review: Hot Feminist by Polly Vernon

Hot FeministTitle: Hot Feminist

Author: Polly Vernon

Pages: 359 Pages

Publisher: Hodder & Staunton

The Blurb

‘Bold, brilliant, sharp and funny…it urges women to be less judgemental of each other and of themselves. It’s an idea that shouldn’t be revolutionary but is.’ Elizabeth Day

Polly Vernon, Grazia columnist, Times feature writer (hair-flicker, Brazilian-waxer, jeans obsessive, outrageous flirt) presents a brave new perspective on feminism.

Drawing on her dedicated, life-long pursuit of hotness – having dismissed many of the rules on ‘good’ feminism at some point in the early 90s – she’ll teach you everything you ever wanted to know about being a feminist when you care about how you look. When part of your brain is constantly monologuing on fashion. When you check out your own reflection in every reflective surface. When your depilation practices are pretty much out of control. When you just really want to be fancied.

Hot Feminist is based on a principle of non-judgment (because there’s enough already), honesty about how often we mess this up, and empowerment through looks. Part memoir, part road map, it’s a rolling, raucous rejection of all those things we’re convinced we shouldn’t think / wear/ feel/ say/ buy/ want – and a celebration of all the things we can.

It is modern feminism, with style, without judgment

The Review

Lately I have been dipping a toe into the pool of feminism. I would like to believe I am a feminist – not a staunch one who burns my bra or throws myself under a horse but I do believe that being female shouldn’t automatically put you at a disadvantage. I believe that we should all have equal rights and my biggest bug bear on this topic is the discrepancy in pay. However, after reading a few books on the topic of feminism, I have realised that I am more of an observer –I’m not a doer. This made me a bit sad.

Salvation has come (in a sense) with Polly Vernon’s book Hot Feminist. In her book, Vernon veers away from traditional feminism and encourages you to create your own style. Vernon argues that it is ok to want to look good and still want equal pay; it is ok to have relationships with men without thinking that they are trying to hold you back; basically, Polly Vernon’s overall message is that it is ok to be a modern day feminist.

I do feel that parts of the central theme went off track in the middle of the book. However, that could be just that the whole section on what you can wear just didn’t interest me personally.

What I did find really encouraging is that Vernon used the opinions of her friends rather than just having her own beliefs dominating the stories in Hot Feminist. Through this you saw how modern day women are still working their backsides off to get equality and doing it when also maintaining a sense of identity.

Hot Feminist is an interesting take of modern day feminism and it is the perfect size to fit in your handbag (tongue, firmly, in cheek).

Hot Feminist by Polly Vernon is available now.

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35 Stars

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