2015 – My Year in Books

Wow! What a year 2015 has been. I have had a brilliant year people. The highlight of my year is that I became an aunty for the first time. My little Millie munchkin is boss and even though she is only 10 months old she loves her books. Win! Win!

So this year I read a lot. I ended the year having read 194 books; 14 more than last year. I nearly completed the 2016 Reading Challenge. The only categories that I didn’t manage to complete were:

A Pulitzer Prize-winning book

A book that came out the year that you were born

A Trilogy

A banned book

I might add these on to next year’s challenge instead.

I read 64 physical books and the rest were on my kindle. 107 of those books were published this year and 25 of them were non-fiction. I read books by 129 authors that I hadn’t read before but I noticed that I favour female authors; I only read 42 books by male authors so I think that I need to be more balanced in 2016.

Another highlight of my year is that my reviews were mentioned in three books. Yay. They were mentioned in:

  • Girls on Tour by Nicola Doherty
  • Picnics in Hyde Park by Nikki Moore
  • Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Jumper by Debbie Johnson

So that was rather lovely.

My Top Ten Books of the year look something like this:

  1. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
  2. Soppy: A Love Story by Phillippa Rice
  3. Disclaimer by Renee Knight
  4. The Silent Hours by Cesca Major
  5. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
  6. Snowflakes on Silver Cove (White Cliff Bay #2) by Holly Martin
  7. Somewhere Only We Know by Erin Lawless
  8. Christmas at Lilac Cottage (White Cliff Bay #1) by Holly Martin
  9. Girls on Tour by Nicola Doherty
  10. The Doris Day Vintage Film Club by Fiona Harper

What was rather disappointing is that I wanted to build my NetGalley percentage up to 40% and dagnammit, I only made it to 39%. My target for next year is to get to 50%. I think this will be doable if I stop requesting damn books…this is not likely to happen but fingers crossed folks.

So thank you folks for giving my reviews a read this year and for all your lovely comments, likes and shares on Twitter.

Love from your fellow book-fiend,

L x

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