Review: A Vintage Christmas by Trisha Ashley

Title: A Vintage Christmas

Author: Trisha Ashley

Pages: 54 Pages

The Blurb

Lucy is so excited to announce she’s getting married this Christmas. She’s picturing a small, simple wedding in the village hall. Her dream is to stand in her vintage dress next to a great, big Christmas tree with all her close friends and relatives…

But Lucy’s mother thinks differently! She’s been saving all her life for her little girl’s big day. And she wants to see it done properly. But Christmas is far too soon…the list on her clipboard can’t possibly be ticked off in just a few months!

And then there’s the mother-in-law to contend with. She hasn’t quite forgiven her son for proposing to the local riff-raff. She certainly won’t approve of this little charity shop wedding. And now even Lucy’s fiancé is starting to disagree with her vision….

But Christmas is a time when miracles happen. And if Lucy wishes hard enough, Santa might just bring her the wedding of her dreams…

The Review

A Vintage Christmas is a short sweet story about a happy couple trying to get married on their own terms. Lucy and Matt want a simple vintage wedding; the kind that people had during the war – when pickings were slim and life was simple. However, she has two things stopping this dream becoming a reality – her mother and his mother.

Lucy’s mum has been saving to give Lucy the most lavish of weddings; big cake, meringue dress, luscious venue. The absolute antithesis of what Lucy wants. Her mother is well meaning but Lucy wants to rein control over the grandiose plans. Matt’s mother is a different kettle of fish. She believes that he is marrying beneath him and will do anything to stop her darling boy from marrying Lucy (whom she refers to as a ‘gold digger’.)

A Vintage Christmas is a simple story about the constraints and pressures felt by couples before they get married. Is it there day or is it a day for their respective families? Ashley has created a cute little world that she manages to develop and explore in such a small amount of pages that it is really impressive.

For me, the one downside is that I don’t really feel that I got to know Matt or Lucy enough to really root for them. I mean, obviously I didn’t want the wedding to be stopped but there wasn’t enough time for me to fall in love with the characters. I think this would have happened had there been more sustainable conflict. However, with page and word limit constraints I can understand why these areas were not included.

Overall, A Vintage Christmas is an easy, lovely, and quick read; one that could be done on a commute to and from work.

A Vintage Christmas by Trisha Ashley

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