Review: Don’t Get Me Wrong by Marianne Kavanagh

Dont Get Me WrongThe Blurb

Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes, David Nicholls, and Sophie Kinsella. Here is a Pride and Prejudice for the modern era: Londoners Kim and Harry can’t see eye to eye…until the life of the person they both love most hangs in the balance.

Kim and Harry are total opposites who happen to have the same favourite people in the world: Kim’s older sister Eva and her young son, Otis. Kim has never seen what her free-spirited big sister sees in a stuck-up stockbroker like Harry and has spent her childhood trying to keep him out (must he always drive the most ostentatious cars and insist on charming everyone he meets?), while Harry’s favourite occupation is provoking Kim.

Both Harry and Kim are too stuck in their prejudices to care about what’s really going on beneath the surface of each other’s lives. They’ll never understand each other—until the worst of all tragedy strikes. Faced with the possibilities of losing the person they both love most, long-buried secrets come to a head in ways that will change both Harry and Kim forever.

Marianne Kavanagh tackles the bonds of family, friendship, and love through sophisticated storytelling. Don’t Get Me Wrong is a witty and heart-warming book that will charm readers everywhere.

The Review

Oh boy.

This is a tough review to write because I have very mixed feelings.

Don’t Get Me Wrong wasn’t brilliant. In fact, I really struggled to finish it. The reason for this is very simple and clear to me. I absolutely detested the protagonist. Kim was whiney and petulant all the way throughout the story. Her attitude, hatred and demeanour did nothing to curry favour with the audience. I can honestly say that I have never disliked a main character more.

On the flip side of this, Don’t Get Me Wrong had some truly well written, emotional scenes; these scenes, had Kim been likeable, would have saved the story for me. In theory the plot is really good but in practice I really could not get into the story. I persevered but it did take me a week to finish which is unlike me.

Maybe it was just me but I couldn’t understand why a writer would make her protagonist so unlikeable and difficult to relate to; especially when the theme of death is one we can all identify with.

Don’t Get Me Wrong was definitely not my favourite book of the year.

Don’t Get Me Wrong is available now.


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