I’ve Started Booktubing!

Hello lovely people,

This is just a friendly update to let you all know that I have started booktubing. “Why?” I am assuming you are asking; well let me tell you. Firstly, because booktubing is fun. Actually, I think that might be my only reason. It is really fun.

I’ve posted three videos so far and they have just been general posts about books. I will be making them much more specific but I am just getting into the swing of things at the moment.

What I am really hoping is that some of you lovely people who subscribe to my blog (and seriously, thank you so much for that) would like to go along and have a watch. Maybe hit the thumbs up button. Or even the thumbs down. I know the videos aren’t perfect and I would love your insight into what I can improve on, what content you would like to see, etc. Any suggestion is appreciated.

So my YouTube channel can be found here: – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxtsbO0-O3zp11o1BbOnCRw (I think).

I would absolutely love it is you guys subscribed to my channel. It would make my day!

You can also find any and all of my content on my Facebook page which can be found at /LisaTalksAbout.

Furthermore, you can follow my tweets @LJBentley27 – I apologise ahead of time about the amount of pictures of cats and cute baby goats that I retweet. Sorry!

Well lovely people, I hope you all have an amazing week, heck an amazing September.

Love L x

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