Review: The Girl Who’s Never Had a Valentine by Elizabeth Player

Title: The Girl Who’s Never Had a Valentine

Author: Elizabeth Player

Pages: 23 pages

The Blurb

All Beth’s ever had on Valentine’s Day is unwanted junk mail and unpaid bills! But this year, when the post lands on her doormat, one item in particular catches her eye…

Could this be Beth first ever genuine Valentine’s Day card?! The handwritten card might be a cheesy cliché….but who cares! The big question is – who is it from?
Unfortunately, the only possibilities racing through her head are people she sincerely hopes didn’t send it, including all of her definitely-not-Mr-Perfect exes. (Oh, or the guy in Accounts with the comb-over!)
Sadly, Beth’s pretty sure it’s not from Luke – her dishy new neighbour with the super-glamorous model girlfriend, and dreamy eyes that have never once noticed her… Or have they?

For a girl who’s never received so much as a Valentine’s e-mail before, this February 14th Beth finds herself with a secret admirer…who could just turn out to be The One!

The Review

I have read a few books in this series of short stories and they have been good. Nice, cute and short; however, The Girl Who’s Never Had a Valentine by Elizabeth Player just did nothing for me. The direct first person narrative sounded clunky and fake. The characters did not come across as fully formed. I know this is difficult in a small amount of space but some people manage to do it well. Unfortunately, in this instance Player failed to do so.

I really do not have much else to say on this dismal short story.

The Girl Who’s Never Had a Valentine by Elizabeth Player is available now.

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