Review: We Sink or Swim Together by Gill Paul

Title: We Sink or Swim Together

Author: Gill Paul

Pages: 48 pages

The Blurb

It was a matter of life and death …

7 May 1915
Gerda Nielsen is on her way from Brooklyn to Liverpool aboard the ill-fated Lusitania.

Jack Walsh is returning to England to take up a post helping the war effort.

As he and Gerda spend more and more time onboard together they realise that each has found someone very special.

It’s the afternoon before they dock in Liverpool, and tragedy strikes. As the torpedoed ship lists to one side Jack and Gerda must make frightening decisions that become a matter of life or death …

A beautiful, romantic and moving tale based on a tragic true story.

The Review

What is it about sunken ships that seem so romantic? I mean they are essentially stories of death, heartbreak, panic , loss, destruction and traumatic experiences yet it is easy for people to find the love story within. James Cameron did it with Titanic and now Gill Paul (an author with a reputation of writing historical shipboard romances) has found the love story among the Lusitania.

The story focuses on the real life romance of Jack Welsh and Gerda Neilson who fell in love aboard the Lusitania only to face the tragedy of the ship being hit by a wartime torpedo that nearly tore the couple apart. In this short story, Gill Paul manages to convey the desperation and terror that passengers must have felt as they tried to get away from the Lusitania as it rapidly sank to the depths of the Irish Sea. She makes you believe that the power of love saved this tragic couple who had met and fell in love only days before. She pulls at the old heartstrings.

We Sink or Swim Together is a harrowing little short that will have you gasping for breath until the last page.

We Sink or Swim Together by Gill Paul is available now.

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