Happy One Year Blog Birthday :)

Well hello lovely people of the internet,

Today is exactly one year since I uploaded my first post on LisaTalksAbout.com and I just thought I would celebrate that by writing a little blog post.

I started writing a few years ago. It started as a way to get into the music industry but by playing to my strengths. I started writing for a music website called More Than the Music; an all female staffed website that encourages women in music. I was writing album reviews and getting sent to gigs to write live pieces. Before I knew it I was promoted to sub-editor and had my own weekly news column. Last year I was promoted again to the post of Live Reviews Editor. It has been a great ride and I work with some amazing ladies who are contributing to the music/journalism industry.

During my time writing for More Than the Music I was taken on as Music Editor for Different Scene; a lifestyle website targeted at gay men. Sadly, Different Scene is now defunct. Some great things came out of working for Different Scene, mainly it was through writing for them that I met my boyfriend – we were both the token straight people on the writing staff.

My blog started last year when I was signed off work for six months. I became seriously ill due to medication I was taking to help control my Ulcerative Colitis. Throughout the years I had many people in my life telling me to blog it or write it down but it was my boyfriend that encouraged me to set up my own blog. Being signed off work was awful but I couldn’t really do much of anything but read. I was too weak to go out most of the time and after half an hour of doing pretty much anything I would have uncontrollable shakes. Ergo, the logic was to read and review books. Besides music, reading had always been a passion of mine so the fit seemed logical.

There have been some ups and downs of blogging about books. I have made an enemy of the postman. He hates delivering me books and has actually laughed at me when my post wasn’t literature based. I also think he may be stalking me because he now gets my mail (which is addressed to my home address) redirected to my work address. Strangely, this hasn’t stopped me buying books. Ahh, bygones.

The ups of book blogging are the lovely people in the book blogging community. Before I set up my blog and before I got sick I had done a few reviews for Shaz’s Book Boudoir and I am so very grateful to her for affording me the opportunity to do so; Sophie at Reviewed the Book is so lovely and always charmingly honest in her reviews; Jenny in Neverland is someone whose opinion I really admire. Her reviews are really well written. However, my favourite book blogger and friend has to be Clare from A Book and Tea. She is such a lovely person and her I Want it Wednesday posts are some of my favourite.

Besides making friends with some bloggers I have also had the privilege to converse with some amazing authors – Kirsty Greenwood, Juliette Sobanet, Andy Miller, Nikki Moore and Nicola Doherty to name a few. Furthermore to this, it took less than a year for one of my reviews to appear in a published book. My review was published in Girls on Tour by Nicola Doherty. That was a highlight for me.

One year in and I still love blogging as much as I did when I first started doing it. Here is to the next year.

Happy Blogging Birthday to me!

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Love L x

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  1. 19th May 2015 / 5:13 pm

    Oh Lisa, you lovely thing you. You are amazing and I’m glad we’ve meet and are friends.

    Your blog is brilliant and you should be proud of what you’ve achieved.

    You’re a star! Xx

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