Review: Ibiza Nights by Lucy Lord

Title: Ibiza Nights

Author: Lucy Lord

Pages: 32 Pages

The Blurb

A short story from the hilarious author of A Girl Called Summer – find out what Summer was up to before her Ibiza adventures!

Summer has been seeing her boss, David, on the sly for a few months now. But while David is keen to make things public, Summer isn’t quite so sure. With a night out with old friends on the cards, Summer needs to decide whether she can take their relationship to the next level, or if she needs to break free for good…

A cracking short story that takes place just before the events of A Girl Called Summer.

The Review

After three previous short stories (LA, New York and London Nights) we finally meet Summer in Ibiza. Ibiza Nights focuses on main character Summer who lives, loves and works in Ibiza. She is a writer, she runs a crèche and sometimes she caters for the rich and the fabulous but she doesn’t feel good. Part of Summer feels this way due to her seedy relationship with her employer, David. She enjoys him but doesn’t want to be with him. Unfortunately for Summer, David wants the opposite.

Ibiza Nights is another short story chock full of exposition; it is preparing us for the full length novel A Girl Called Summer. Once I pick that up to read all the threads of the previous story will come together.

In Summer, Lucy Lord has created a likable character who you want to find out more about. Ibiza Nights leaves Summers story of a cliff hanger. Nothing overly dramatic but you do want to find out more. I will definitely be picking up A Girl Called Summer to get me ready for my own (possibly rainy) summer.

Ibiza Nights by Lucy Lord is available now.

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Ibiza Nights

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