Review: New York Nights by Lucy Lord

Title: New York Nights

Author: Lucy Lord

Pages: 34 Pages

The Blurb

A short story from the hilarious author of A Girl Called Summer – find out what Poppy was up to before her Ibiza adventures!

Poppy has flown to New York for the stag dos of her favourite GBFs (Gay Best Friends) Chase and Marco, before their civil partnership tomorrow. With the pressure on for the biggest and best Studio 54-themed bachelor night – and new husband Damian bending her ear about what might come next – Poppy needs to be on top of her game!

A cracking short story that takes place just before the events of A Girl Called Summer.

The Review

I really loved LA Nights – the predecessor to New York Nights – because it was fun, fast and frisky. If I’m totally honest, the second part of the series fell a little flat. It was still interesting and it was fun to meet some more of the cast members that are going to make up A Girl Called Summer but it just didn’t have the high octane dramarama of LA Nights. It is a shame because it had a lot of potential.

The theme of the story – a celebration of nuptials between Poppy’s friends Chase and Marco – was a great springboard for what could have been a great tale. I particularly liked all the references to 1970s disco. I think that New York Nights fell short due to its length. It is a hard skill to condense a story to a short amount of pages and sometimes it is a winner and sometimes more is needed and for me personally, I needed more from this story.

Let’s see what the next in the series brings.

New York Nights by Lucy Lord is available now.

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New York Nights

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