Review: The Girl from the Opera House by Nancy Carson

Title: The Girl from the Opera House

Author: Nancy Carson

Pages: 31 pages

The Blurb

Will Millie get what her heart desires?

1920s Dudley. Millie is the proud owner of a daring Egyptian bob haircut and a job at the new opera house.

So when Millie meets Augustus Johnson, a rich patron of the opera house, she dares to hope for more than a just a passing smile.

Will dreams come true for Millie? Or will the past forever shape her future?

The Review

The Girl from the Opera House by Nancy Carson is a story of a young girl called Millie who is trying to make her own way in post war Britain by working in an opera house. It is here that she meets the devilishly handsome Augustus Johnson. Yet Millie’s past creeps up on her and she soon finds out that everyone has secrets.

Ok, as we all know I am not the greatest fan of the short story. Usually it is because the story always leaves me wanting more. I guess the same logic could apply for why I had a problem with The Girl from the Opera House. It isn’t a bad story; in fact it is pretty good. It has plenty of twists and some very likeable characters; it is just that the story seemed to be over just as it was beginning. As a reader I feel robbed. There are plenty of ways that Carson could have made this a full lengthy novel. Whilst I liked the characters and the storyline, I don’t feel that I was given a chance to fall in love with The Girl from the Opera House.

This is a great read if short stories for the gal on the go are your thing but for me it just passed by too quickly for my personal taste.

The Girl from the Opera House by Nancy Carson

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