Review: Language Lessons by Jay Bell

Title: Language Lessons

Author: Jay Bell

Pages: 47 Pages

The Blurb

Love doesn’t come easy. For Joey, he didn’t care if it ever came at all. He was much too busy adding notches to his bedpost and preparing for life as an adult. But when a causal fling waxes nostalgic about the one that got away, Joey starts to wonder if he isn’t missing something after all–if there really is something to be learned from the language of love.

Language Lessons is a new short story by Jay Bell, author of Something Like Summer.

The Review

Language Lessons is a lovely coming of age story which focuses on young lothario Joey who spends his days screwing around and as many hot guys as he can. However, when he sees the burgeoning relationship between two of his friends he comes to question his own actions. Then he meets Phillip and all bets are off.

I’m a fan of LGBT fiction and I am supportive of it as a growing genre. For young adults, revealing your sexuality can be a heartbreaking experience yet fiction like Language Lessons allows readers to become more comfortable with their sexuality or if you are heterosexual to become more comfortable with those around you who are LGBT.

It is for that reason that I think stories such as Language Lessons are important. Besides this fact the story is well written. It is sharp, on point and manages to make the reader swoon with the romantic elements.

Well done, Jay Bell.

Language Lessons by Jay Bell is available now.

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