Review: Age, Sex, Location by Melissa Pimentel

The Blurb

A hilarious and refreshingly honest foray into modern dating, Age, Sex, Location is Bridget Jones’s Diary for HBO’s Girls generation.

The last thing twenty-eight-year-old Lauren is looking for is love, so why do the men she’s dating assume she’s searching for The One?

With men running for the hills, Lauren takes drastic action and turns her love life into an experiment, vowing to follow the advice of a different dating guide every month.

From releasing her inner siren to swearing off sex completely, Lauren will follow The Rules and play The Game, all with the help of her disapproving best friend and her newly loved-up housemate.

But as she searches for the holy grail of no-strings sex minus the heartache, Lauren soon realises that dating is more complicated than just swiping right – and that the things you run from tend to always catch up with you…

The Review

Firstly, I would like to thank Francesca Pearce from Penguin for sending me a copy of Age, Sex, Location to review. I am truly grateful.

If I had to describe Age, Sex, Location in one word it would be refreshing. The reason for that is most books which are from the chick lit rom com oeuvre tend to be all about finding your perfect partner and yes, as readers, we are sucked in and actively encourage the writer to make sure that the heroine gets her knight in shining armour by the end. This is all well and good and I would never be one to knock that style of book but with Age, Sex, Location our heroine wasn’t looking for Mr Right, she was looking for Mr Right Now-for-a-quick-bit-of-how’s-your-father – an expression I have never quite understood. However, it was great for someone who has been in the evil world of dating to see just how fun it could have been.

The concept of using dating guides was extremely funny and the escapades that Lauren got up to and the situations that she found herself in were laugh out loud funny – to the extent that I got funny looks from those around me. We could say that using the dated dating guides that Lauren did was a fruitless task but who among us hasn’t sat and read a dating advice article and tried some the techniques suggested or watched Sex and the City and thought “yep, I’ve been there.” Just those two actions alone validate Lauren’s actions and in turn Pimentel’s inspiration for writing the book.

What I loved about this book is that it had a no holds barred sense of conviction about it. The purpose of our protagonist Lauren was clear and she did not care who knew it. She wanted to have sex without the drama. Even in today’s enlightened society it is still a taboo topic for a woman to be promiscuous without being labelled a hussy (I could have gone for harsher words but kept it clean for those of a delicate disposition). However, Pimentel has created a brilliant leading character in Lauren who you can’t help but like without judgement. It is definitely the skill of Pimentel for writing the character with such confidence and assurance in what her goal was. It makes the audience root for Lauren, you end up championing her along and willing her to have some great commitment free sex.

This book is really funny and a must read for anyone who has traversed the muggy waters of dating and survived….and also for those still lost in that mire. Read this book and gain some perspective.

Age, Sex, Location by Melissa Pimentel is available now.

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