Welcome to Banuary!

Ok bloglets,

Welcome to 2015. It is January or as I am calling it – BANUARY.

Why? You may be asking. Well let me tell you. I am not a fan of January because I am always broke. I don’t mean like no money – I mean like NO MONEY. Therefore I am banning myself from buying books.

This self imposed ban will kill me. I am going cold turkey.

If you wish to join me in this challenge then please keep me updated on your progress.

I plan on keeping you posted in my weekly TBR pile updates.

Keep your money in your wallets people.

The Rules:

1)      Books can be bought as a gift for other people.

2)      You can buy a book if it is fiscally irresponsible to not buy it.

3)      Review books can be requested

Yours, with love and book buying cravings,

L x x



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