SSS Review: A New York Christmas by Melissa Hill

Title: A New York Christmas

Author: Melissa Hill

Pages: 34 pages


Fleeing from a broken heart, Maddie leaves her hometown in Ireland and decides to spend Christmas with family in New York. Whilst trying to have a traditional New York Christmas she accidentally has herself a traditional holiday romance.


This was a seriously short story. So much so that I worry that anything I write will be full of spoilers. I love Christmas and I love New York but I didn’t love A New York Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it; I just think I wanted more from it.

I think that Maddie is an interesting character with a story worthy of telling. I would love it if Melissa Hill wrote a flashback story or even one which included love interest Blake and her ex Don – a full feature length novel.

This is the only criticism I have for A New York Christmas is that it was just so short it was hard to actually fully immerse myself in it and enjoy it without feeling cheated when I came to the end.

Please write a novel featuring these characters again, I beg thee Melissa Hill.

A New York Christmas by Melissa Hill is available now.

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