SSS Review: The Wedding Speech by Isabelle Broom

Title: The Wedding Speech

Author: Isabelle Broom

Pages: 22


Ed stands to give his speech at his best friend Billy’s wedding. It is a time for celebration, to rejoice in the love that Billy has for his partner, Amelia. It is also a time for Ed to say goodbye to the life he once had with his best friend.


Ok. I admit it. For all my bluster about not liking short stories this one did actually tear me up a little. My lachrymal glands betrayed me and I did begin to fall for the characters. The best man’s speech must be a nerve-wrecking thing for everyone. Is the bride going to hear something about her new husband that she doesn’t know or like? Will either set of parents be shocked by the pre-wedding antics of their children? Or will the bride be nervous over what the best man will say about her. For a girl it is a big deal, having the approval of her lover’s best friend. You can see why weddings are stressful times.

Ed’s speech is lovely and without sounding trite it is everything that a wedding speech should be; filled with humour, history and love.

I won’t say anymore about this story in case you do choose to read it. However, I will issue a warning. Have a packet of tissues handy – you are going to need them.

The Wedding Speech by Isabelle Broom is available now.

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