Review: Chelsea Bird by Virginia Ironside


Chelsea Bird follows young art student Harriet Bennett as she traverses life through London in the swinging sixties. We are privy to her observations about life, love, sex, drugs and rock and roll.


This is going to sound terribly blunt but I did not like this book. The storyline was weak (to the point of non existence), the protagonist was annoying, a flibbertigibbet and in no way strong enough to carry the narrative without the reader getting distracted on more than one occasion.

The only real saving factor is that you could argue its validity as a social text highlighting the attitudes of both men and women in arguably the most society changing decade of the 20th century. Other than that it was just kind of boring.

However, this is all just one person’s opinion. Give it a read yourself and let me know what you think

Chelsea Bird by Virginia Ironside is available now.

Chelsea Bird

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