Review: One Kick by Chelsea Cain


If you were to look carefully around Kick Lannigan’s home you would find some unusual things secreted; shrunken stars, knives and guns. Not the norm for a 21 year old. However, Kick is not your normal young adult. As a child, Kick was abducted and lived with her kidnappers for over four years before being returned home to her parents. Over ten years later and Kick hasn’t forgotten, she keeps herself safe in case anything like this should happen again.


The concept of Stockholm Syndrome has always been a fascinating one to me and Chelsea Cain somewhat touches upon it in her novel One Kick. How can you expect a child to adjust to being back in the arms of their legal parents when all they have known is the “care” of their kidnappers? It is a mind blowing concept and one that Cain has handled extremely well. Whilst Stockholm Syndrome plays its part in the narrative the focus is on how Kick – as an adult – handles the daily comings and goings of her life.

Things become trickier for her when she is asked to help assist a rogue bounty hunter, James Bishop in two amber alert cases for missing children. Kick’s past could be the key to finding the missing children but whether Kick can go back to her past without falling apart is another matter altogether.

Whilst I cannot claim to know what tactics the FBI might use in a case such as this I feel I can safely assume that a level of suspended belief is needed to accept that they would call on a former victim for help, however, I genuinely did not question this whilst reading One Kick. The storyline ran smoothly and consistently and left little room for questioning. The characters were well thought out. Besides Kick, the bounty hunter James Bishop was presented as mysterious as possible and you always felt like you wanted to know more about him but Cain has cleverly held back on the details creating the perfect opportunity to serialise the book.

One Kick by Chelsea Cain is available now.

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