The Review

Tiny Beautiful Things is a collection of articles from The Rumpus. The advice columnist (known as Sugar) was Cheryl Strayed and she tackled – head on – the problems of those who were in need of guidance. So, what makes Dear Sugar different from other advice columns? Well that would be Cheryl Strayed inimitable style and stories of perseverance.

Strayed broke the conventions of the advice columnist. She opted not to offer cold detached words of wisdom that, let’s be honest, often seem full of contrition and moral direction. Nope, Strayed did her own thing and used experiences from her own rich history to help those coming to her for counsel.

Due to the nature of Tiny Beautiful Things, it is difficult to give a breakdown of what the contents are, however, I can say that it makes you appreciative of all the things that you have going for you. Someone – inevitably those featured in the book asking for advice and those included in the responses – always has it worse.

Read this Tiny Beautiful Things; it is an easy pick up/put down read. You never know, some of the advice given could be relevant to your own experiences.

Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed is available now.