Title: Teen Writer’s Guide – Your Road Map to Writing

Author: Jennifer Jenkins

Pages: 150 Pages

Publisher: Owl Hollow Press

The Blurb

Imagine you had a road map for writing the book you’ve always dreamed of writing—a step-by-step guide from testing your story ideas, to visualizing your characters’ types and voices, to building a world that comes to life, to navigating the publishing industry, and going the distance to reach your writing goals.

As co-founder of Teen Author Boot Camp, one of the nation’s largest writing conferences specifically for teens, and Young Adult author, Jennifer Jenkins has helped thousands of teens travel the world of writing. Teen Writer’s Guide: Your Road Map to Writing is the culmination of years of research and teaching, providing a detailed road map to writing your own story and steering through the detours and pit stops.

Perfect for teen writers, their teachers, and anyone who has an interest in breaking down the craft of writing in fun and manageable ways, this book is sure to take you to your final destination—and help you enjoy the journey along the way!

The Review

As with a lot of book lovers, I have always wanted to write one myself. At the grand age of 36 there have been two failed attempts because I realised I wouldn’t want to read the books that I had attempted. Sad times. I know that I need guidance and signposts telling me what to do next. Having good ideas but no way of getting them on the page does not a book make…nor does confusing sentence construction.

However, I decided to give Teen Writer’s Guide a go and smething just clicked. This was the book that I had needed when I was trying to write. It is a well structured book which breaks down the process into easily manageable chunks. It makes you question everything you thought you knew and then helps you make it much better. I finished reading it feeling like Teen Writer’s Guide is the book that will make a difference.

Teen Writers Guide – Your Road Map to Writing by Jennifer Jenkins is available now.

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