Title: What Would the Spice Girls Do? How the Girl Power Generation Grew Up

Author: Lauren Bravo

Pages: 208 Pages

Publisher: Bantam Press

The Blurb

The words ‘girl power’ conjure vivid memories of short skirts and platform boots. But it wasn’t just about the look, it was about feminism.

The Spice Girls gave a generation their first glimpse of the power of friendship, of staying true to yourself, of sheer bloody-mindedness. And the girl power generation went on to kick-start a new conversation around gender equality.

We may have grown up asking What Would the Spice Girls Do?, but their particular brand of feminism is as relevant today as it was twenty years ago – we still need that fun and fearlessness, we still need accessible and all-embracing equality… we still need a zig-a-zig-ah.


The Review

At the age of thirteen I went through a life crisis. People normally have them when they are middle aged but not me. I had, what I am sure will be the first of many, my life crisis after I had started high school. Some people find high school difficult. I didn’t. I slipped right into the fold and even developed an identity. Student Librarian. I loved it but it did cost me my best friend from childhood. We had been friends since we were about five years old but when high school came along we were in different tutor groups and we had different friends and when I started spending my lunch and breaks in the library she was off with new friends – as an adult I can see that she was doing the right thing. As a child, that stung like a brother pucker.

My saviour from this pit of despair came in the form of five feisty girls who helped me find my inner diva and I guess helped me find my confidence. They were the Spice Girls.

For the purposes of total disclosure I should let you know that I did have ginger hair, got yellow blonde streaks dyed in the front and I worshipped Geri Halliwell to an almost bizarre degree. I did not look like Geri Halliwell.

I suppose what this whole diatribe is about is that whilst some people may look at the Spice Girls now and think that they are cheesy but I personally think that you cannot disregard just how important that they were to a young girls on the brink of a breakdown.

Lauren Bravo has done just that. In her non-fiction book What Would the Spice Girls Do? Bravo has looked at the cultural significance of these five girls. Not just looking at the contemporary impact but the lasting impression that they made.

The book is both fun and makes you assess just how the Spice Girls helped you personally. It is a must read for the feisty feminist and music fan in us all. Bravo, Lauren Bravo.

What Would the Spice Girls Do? How the Girl Power Generation Grew Up by Lauren Bravo is available now.

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