Welcome to 2016!

Here are my resolutions for this year.

  • I am going to watch a new movie each week. For years I have been buying movies and then not watching them so this year I plan on watching one new movie per week. Yes, this will cut into my reading time but it will be worth it.
  • My second resolution links into my first. I plan on dispensing my books. I am a book (and film) hoarder. Well this year, once I have read a book and subsequently watched a movie, I plan on dispensing them to my friends. This is unless it is something I have really loved. Downsizing is the key.
  • I want to get to 50% on NetGalley. I didn’t reach the target I set last year (40% – I got to 39% so close!) but I am going to try my hardest to achieve this. Wish me luck!
  • I will also be partaking in the 2016 Reading Challenge.
  • I will blog more and in turn read more blog posts from others.

This year I plan on having a few themed months. I’m going to have French February and Music March so keep your eyes peeled.

Let me know your resolutions

Hope 2016 is bookish and boss!

L x


The end of the year is vastly approaching and Molly Mackenzie only has one more of her resolutions to complete; she wants one night of passion with Jake, the best friend of her older brother Tim.

Since their cheeky kiss at the previous year’s New Years Eve party Molly hasn’t been able to get Jake off her mind – moving two hundred miles away from her home in Liverpool to the nation’s capital did nothing to assuage her feelings. This year he is determined to finish what they both started.


Of all the Christmas themed books that I have read as part of my “Festive Feature” The Kiss Before Midnight has to be my favourite. I absolutely bloody loved it….with Christmas balls on top.

I loved the set up for the whole story, to act upon a resolution, to fulfil a Christmas wish and to do it at one of the most romantic times of the year. What I really liked about it though was the fact that the story is age appropriate. The protagonist, Molly, is 23 and her life mission isn’t to find a husband, settle down, have babies, get a mortgage – her main goal is to have a night of sexy-time fun with a lad that he fancies. As someone who doesn’t have (nor do I necessarily want) the aforementioned list of responsibilities I appreciated this story all the more. It was fun, frisky and raised a frisson of excitement when I read it.

Furthermore, the fact that the story was set in my hometown of Liverpool made it all the more titillating.

In all seriousness though, The Kiss Before Midnight should be on your to be read pile. Besides being a good story it is well written, has loveable characters and Sophie Pembroke really makes you care for her characters. She is an author whose work I shall be seeking out in future.

The Kiss Before Midnight by Sophie Pembroke is available now.

You can follow Sophie Pembroke on Twitter @Sophie_Pembroke

The Kiss Before Midnight