Love's a Piece of CakeTitle: Love’s a Piece of Cake

Author: Eva Jordan

Pages: 82 Pages

Publisher: Endeavour Press

The Blurb

Kate Mulligan has been working at Heavenly Cakes for five months and she already feels like part of the family.

A small café on the outskirts of the local market, Heavenly Cakes brings local people together with fantastic recipes and a great atmosphere.

Getting her dream job, Kate’s life is finally on track: she’s found a studio flat that she could actually afford, and she is in love.

Before Harry Jones, Kate had been single for 5 years, and after having had her heart broken one too many times, she was certain she was doomed to be single forever.

But then Harry walked into her life and everything changed. Smart, funny, sexy, Harry is perfect, and Kate can’t believe her luck.

The only thing that bothers her is that he mocks her passion for her cake business. Kate prides herself on making people feel better by choosing the perfect cake and cup of tea for them. But all Harry seems to be concerned with is making money.

Pushing her doubts aside Kate throws herself into the relationship, believing Harry could be ‘the one’.

But then everything changes.

With her job suddenly in jeopardy and a shock revelation about her relationship Kate is forced to re-evaluate everything she thought she knew about her life…

Love’s a Piece of Cake is a moving romantic novella about learning to find your own happiness. It is written by debut author Eva Jordan.

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The Review

Oh dear.

Yes it is another one of those reviews in which I didn’t particularly like a book. I hate writing those.

Love’s a Piece of Cake by Eva Jordan is a story about Kate, a girl who is unlucky in love. She chooses the wrong guy and her life turns to poop. On top of that her professional life seems to be hitting the rocks as well. However, like most romantic fiction there is a happy ending because let’s face it, it would be pretty crappy if there wasn’t.

My problem with Love’s a Piece of Cake wasn’t the premise of the story. I like cake, I like love stories and I like fiction so you are pretty much on to a winner there. I think my issue had to do with the protagonist. She was portrayed as being in love with love and not with the actual characters. I don’t remember any description of the good things about the love interest that would make me root for him. Kate seemed far too fickle and that she wanted to be in a relationship so much that she didn’t really care with whom.

I saw so much potential in this story but it just wasn’t developed enough and it was far too quick a story. It was like someone had taken pictures of the important pieces and flipped through them really quickly and expected an emotional pull. For me it just didn’t work.

Love’s a Piece of Cake by Eva Jordan is available now.

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2 Stars