Title: Love Marriage

Author: Monica Ali

Pages: 432 Pages

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

The Blurb

Yasmin Ghorami has a lot to be grateful for: a loving family, a fledgling career in medicine, and a charming, handsome fiancée, fellow doctor Joe Sangster.

But as the wedding day draws closer and Yasmin’s parents get to know Joe’s firebrand feminist mother, both families must confront the unravelling of long-held secrets, lies and betrayals.

As Yasmin dismantles her own assumptions about the people she holds most dear, she’s also forced to ask herself what she really wants in a relationship and what a ‘love marriage’ actually means. 

Love Marriage is a story about who we are and how we love in today’s Britain – with all the complications and contradictions of life, desire, marriage and family. What starts as a captivating social comedy develops into a heart-breaking and gripping story of two cultures, two families and two people trying to understand one another.

The Review

I have never read a book by Monica Ali before. I know a lot of people would recommend starting with Brick Lane but I started with Love Marriage.

Love Marriage is the story of Yasmin and the Ghorami family. They are your typical family with explosive problems, unobtainable values and expectations not met. It is how the family responds to the everyday nuances of life that tell this story.

It is the family of characters and not necessarily the plot that drives the story along so at times the pacing felt rather slow for me. The last 100ish pages seemed to be when the story picks up speed but the first three quarters seemed to be a lot of exposition and minor incidents.

Overall, Love Marriage was an enjoyable read but personally I feel my books need more pace and less reflection.

Love Marriage by Monica Ali is available now.

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