Title: The Black Sheep

Author: Julie Cohen

Pages: 19 Pages

The Review

The Black Sheep by Julie Cohen is a prequel to her 2011 release Getting Away With It. Both are stories that focus on Liza and Lee; identical twin girls who are the absolute opposite of each other. Lee is a good wholesome girl who has a natural inclination to want to please people. She is pleasant and respectful. Liza is none of these things. She is petulant, moans when things do not go her way and very mischievous. Think a female version of Macauly Culkin’s character Kevin McCallister in Home Alone.

When Liza is cast in the lowly role as sheep in the local village’s production of the Nativity, she tries to figure out a way to get herself noticed. She does so with shocking consequences.

I think this tale shows the innocence of school children. They react in ways that they know is not acceptable but don’t necessarily feel that there will be consequences. They have a ‘that’s not fair’ attitude when they think that they have been done wrong. Liza exemplifies this perfectly. She feels inferior to her sister and sets out to gain some of the attention that is doused on Lee. Unfortunately she goes about it the wrong way.

The Black Sheep by Julie Cohen is a quick and simple read that unfortunately is no longer available on Amazon. So really, unless you already have this short story, this review is completely redundant.

It was a good quick read though.

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Due to my excessive gluttonous nature when it comes to all things book like I excessively clicked the request button on NetGalley and ended up with a butt load of books to read. Yes, I know that I have an over flowing kindle and no less than four book shelves but hey I have learned my lesson the hard way…kind of. Ok, so yes I keep checking NetGalley for the latest offering but really I think we can all agree that this isn’t my fault. It is in fact the fault of the publishing groups that keep on saying yes to me (if any of you are reading this please don’t stop…I love you).

That being said I have decided to take control. I have seven books that I am going to try and read over the next week that are due for release and hopefully if I get those read I will be able to go back to the list of books that have already been published but I have yet to review them.

The books on this week’s list are:

Men Manhattan






What Happens to Men when they Move to Manhattan? by Jill Knapp

Published:   24th July 2014

Lets Get Los





Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Published:   29th July 2014

before You





Before You by Amber Hart

Published:   29th July 2014

since you've been gone





Since You’ve Been Gone by Anouska Knight

Published:   29th July 2014

The atlas of us pb font





The Atlas of Us by Tracy Buchanan

Published:   31st July 2014

Where Kive ies





Where Love Lies by Julie Cohen

Published:   31st July 2014






What Would Mary Berry Do? by Claire Sandy

Published:   31st July 2014


Wish me luck J