Title: Would I Lie To You?

Author: Aliya Ali-Afzal

Pages: 401 Pages

Publisher: Head of Zeus

The Blurb

She could lose the perfect life… if she tells the truth. 

At the school gates in Wimbledon Village, Faiza fits in. It took a few years and a brand new wardrobe, but now the snobbish mothers who mistook her for the nanny treat her as one of their own.

But the perfect life costs money. When her husband Tom loses his job, Faiza realises she’ll have to reveal her biggest secret: she’s spent her family’s entire life savings.

Unless she doesn’t… 

It only takes a second to lie to Tom. Now Faiza has six weeks to find £75,000 or risk losing the family she has worked so hard to protect.

The Review

Aliya Ali-Afzal’s Would I Lie To You? is the kind of novel that needs a new genre definition – I don’t know if such things as domestic thrillers exist but if I had to categorise it as anything it would be this. On the surface, it is contemporary literary fiction but the topics that Ali-Afzal deals with genuinely led me to have some heart-stopping moments: mental health, sexual harassment, debt – you name it, this book has it.

Our protagonist Fazia is, at times, unlikeable. She wallows in situations of her own making and rather than dealing with the bigger picture she plots and schemes and becomes completely untrustworthy. You want to scream at her, grab her by the shoulders and give her a good shake. Yet, you also sympathise with her. No one wants to be in her situation and Ali-Afzal writes about it so succinctly that you feel the desperation and panic for her. I felt like I was being swallowed by all the pressures of her life. I felt like I was going through it with her. For me, this is a sign of quality writing.

Would I Lie To You? is a fantastic read.

Would I Lie To You? by Aliya Ali-Afzal is available now.

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Title: Queer – A Collection of LGBTQ Writing from Ancient Times to Yesterday

Author: Frank Wynne (ed.)

Pages: 620 Pages

Publisher: Head of Zeus

The Blurb

LGBTQ writing from ancient times to yesterday selected by award-winning translator Frank Wynne.

Drawing together writing from Catullus to Sappho, from Arthur Rimbaud to Anne Lister and Armistead Maupin, translator Frank Wynne has collected eighty of the finest works representing queer love by LGBTQ authors.

These pieces straddle the spectrum of queer experience, from Verlaine’s sonnet in praise of his lover’s anus and Emily Dickinson’s exhortation of a woman’s beauty, to Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel of her coming out, Juno Dawson’s reflections on gender and Oscar Wilde’s ‘De Profundis’.

With stories, poems, extracts and scenes from countries the world over, Queer is an unabashed and unapologetic anthology, which gives voice to those often silenced.

The Review

I read quite a lot of LGBTQ literature but to be honest it mainly comes from a need to educate. I tend to stick to YA books because I want my students to have an outlet that wasn’t necessarily there when I was a student. I picked up Queer because I wanted to make a more informed and mature choice when it came to my reading choices.

What is brilliant about Queer is that it gives you snippets of stories and then you have the option to follow it up with further reading. I did this and bought other books by the contributors. I especially liked the chronology of the book. It showed that LGBTQ isn’t new. Its not something that has only been around for a short amount of time. As long as there have been people there has been LGBTQ people. I think that will be a comfort to the readers of this book.

Queer is a fantastic collection and I hope that it is only the start and that further collections will be collated in the future

Queer – A Collection of LGBTQ Writing from Ancient Times to Yesterday by Frank Wynne is available now.

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