Just the Two of UsTitle: Just the Two of Us

Author: Georgie Capron

Pages: 311 Pages

Publisher: Aria

The Blurb

Lucy is the wrong side of thirty and tormented daily by the idyllic family pictures cluttering up her Facebook newsfeed. All of her friends seem to be getting married and having babies, and yet here she is, resolutely single, and no prospect of creating the perfect family she’s always dreamt of.

How she longs for it to be her turn.

But finding love is complicated, and as time passes she wonders if there might just be another way to make her dreams come true. Is she brave enough to go it alone, or is the fantasy of ‘baby makes three’ just too precious to give up on?

Funny, warm, and a story for our time, Just the Two of Us will make you laugh and cry, and remind you never to give up on love.

The Review

You know what? There were some really good elements to Just the Two of Us by Georgie Capron but there were also some elements that were not so pleasant to read.

Let’s start with the story. The story focuses on Lucy, a woman who is in the latter half of her 30s and wondering why she hasn’t got her ducks in a row. She has a job that she loves but she doesn’t have a man or a baby which is something she is desperate to have. The structure of Just the Two of Us is really good. Capron hits you with a few double bluffs and she does, for the most part, keep you on your toes.

Sadly, at times it felt like the story was being over told. Capron didn’t trust the reader enough to create the world in their own head. I personally felt like I was given every detail. It also felt a bit like reading a list. The writer constantly tells us what is happening and why it is happening. It almost felt like the “and then” scenario. A grossly over exaggerated example is they went for coffee and then they went to the bus stop so they could go home when they got off the bus they used their key to open up the door and go inside before climbing the stairs to enter their flat. Ok, that is a hammed up example but it made me wish the writer trusted me more.

However, one of the things that Capron did well was have a book that celebrated the alternative choices for women. She delicately looks at the world of artificial insemination and discusses it from both sides of the spectrum – the horror of the older generation and the positivity of freedom of choice.

As this is Capron’s debut novel I can forgive a few of her writing indiscretions. However, I will be reading her next novel with ever the watchful eye.

Just the Two of Us by Georgie Capron is available now.

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3 Stars