Title: The Best Things

Author: Mel Giedroyc

Pages: 432 Pages

Publisher: Headline

The Blurb

Sally Parker is struggling to find the hero inside herself.

All she wants to do is lie down.

Her husband Frank has lost his business, their home and their savings, in one fell swoop. Their bank cards are being declined. The children are running wild. And now the bailiffs are at the door.

What does an ordinary woman do when the bottom falls out?

Sally Parker is about to surprise everybody. Most of all herself.

The Review

The Best Things is a family drama and the debut novel of Mel Giedroyc. It focuses on a well-to-do middle class family which is headed by Frank and Sally. Frank – the breadwinner – is having a crisis of health and wife Sally – the “homemaker” – is having a crisis of identity. When their financial stability comes under threat the family begins to topple like a house of cards.

Whilst I don’t think The Best Things had the most exciting storyline the way the story is delivered and the fully developed characters carry it along nicely. It is the characters and the humour that save the novel.

The Best Things by Mel Giedroyc is available now.

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