Title: The Early Short Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald

Author: F Scott Fitzgerald

Pages: 256 Pages

Publisher: Dover Publications

The Blurb

Although better known today for his novels, in the 1920s F. Scott Fitzgerald ranked among the top writers of magazine fiction. Fitzgerald represented the dreams and aspirations of the post-World War I generation in his life as well as his works. With his glamorous wife, Zelda, and cosmopolitan social circle, the gifted young wordsmith projected the perfect image for narrating tales of restless youth in a hectic world.

These short stories offer insights into many themes, characters, and techniques that emerged in Fitzgerald’s later works. “Winter Dreams,” written three years before The Great Gatsby, shares the concept of commitment to an idealized dream. “Babes in the Woods,” developed while the author was still a student at Princeton, evidences the roots of This Side of Paradise. A dozen other selections ― including “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “The Camel’s Back,” “The Four Fists,” and “The Cut-Glass Bowl” ― offer further insights into the author’s growing skills as well as individual examples of his sparkling prose, understated wit, and deft characterizations.

The Review

I’ve always claimed to be a fan of F Scott Fitzgerald but when I thought about it I have only read one of his major works and one short story. The novel I enjoyed – nay, loved. Obviously it is The Great Gatsby. The short story was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I wasn’t overly impressed.

I decided to try a few ore of his short stories but to be honest I was bored. I ended up DNFing the rest of the book.

I think to give F Scott Fitzgerald a fair chance I need to give his more of his novels a read but I am not sure his short stories are for me.

The Early Short Stories of F Scott Fitzgerald by F Scott Fitzgerald is available now.