Love to Hate YouTitle: Love to Hate You

Author: Anna Premoli

Pages: 259 Pages

Publisher: Aria

The Blurb

Jennifer and Ian have known each other for seven years. They are leaders of two different teams in the same London bank, and are constantly engaged in a running battle to be number one.

Ian is a handsome, wealthy and sought-after bachelor; Jennifer is a feisty, independent lawyer. When they are thrown together to work on the same project, Ian makes Jenny an offer she can’t refuse: to have free reign of their rich client if she pretends to be his girlfriend.

Soon, it becomes more and more difficult to tell the difference between fiction and reality…

The Review

Once again, my book reading has been led through the cover and not the blurb of the book. In the case of Love to Hate You by Anna Premoli I was very lucky because it is a brilliant, feisty and fun read.

Love to Hate You tells the story of Jennifer and Ian, bitter work rivals who sass and snark with each other on a daily basis and the tension between them is palpable. It really is only a matter of time before all the tension turns sexual.

I bloody loved this book; it was the kind of story that made me antisocial. As per usual with romantic stories, I bcame completely invested in Jennifer and Ian’s relationship. It was frustrating that Jennifer couldn’t see that she needed to get together with Ian and that she wouldn’t just allow herself to be happy. I think that is how you know it is a good book, when you begin to offer imaginary advice to the make-believe characters.

Love to Hate You tackles issues of class prejudice (from both sides), ambition and the emotional rollercoaster that is falling in love. It is engaging and funny with a big dollop of romance on top. It is, for me at least, the perfect summer read.

Love to Hate You by Anna Premoli is available now.

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5 Stars