As of tomorrow, it will officially be twelve weeks ’til Christmas day. Yikes. I haven’t bought nearly enough of my presents yet but hey, that is what panic shopping on Christmas Eve is for.

Now, I am an extremely busy lady. Gone are the days when I was off sick and just able to loaf about reading books all the lib-long day…sad times. However, I like a challenge and so this holiday season I have decided to try and review 12 books before Christmas.

The books have to have a festive theme. This will be judged solely on the cover and title of the book. If there is snow on the cover and it doesn’t look like it has been set in the Antarctic then it can be classed as a Christmas text.

So here you have it people. My festive feature! Join in, get involved, put on your Santa hat and throw up the Christmas tree early. It is all in the name of festive fun!

Check out my blog tomorrow for the first festive review – A Christmas to Remember by Jenny Hale.

L x