Title: The Hot Guy

Author: Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris

Pages: 320 Pages

Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Australia/Echo Publishing

The Blurb

Adam, a serious cinema nerd, has no idea that he is the Hot Guy – a man so ridiculously attractive there’s a Facebook group dedicated to seducing him. Cate, a sports publicist who loves to crack a joke, is feeling down about her newly single status when her friends suggest the perfect pick-me-up: a night with the Hot Guy. But that one night leaves both Cate and Adam wanting… Is a genuine connection possible with a guy this phenomenally smokin’? Written by film critic duo Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris, and packed with movie-related humour, The Hot Guy is a funny, warm, savvy, and genuine romcom, with characters you won’t want to kick out of bed.

The Review

The Hot Guy is a story told from two perspectives. That of the eponymous “hot guy” – Adam – and that of Cate, a girl who has initially used him for his good looks but in turn has fallen for the person inside. The course of true love never runs smooth though and before long we see both fall into the perils and traps of any new relationship before imploding.

The Hot Guy was a nice read. It seemed to have the desire to be similar to When Harry Met Sally but didn’t quite have the execution. Some of the jokes fell a bit flat and became a bit repetitive. Also, when you strip back the main over all problem of the book – that a guy is offended because he is too good looking – it makes the premise seem just a tad weak.

The Hot Guy is what I would refer to as a beach read. One that you forget about quickly after turning the last page.

The Hot Guy by Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris is available now.

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London Belongs to UsTitle: London Belongs to Us

Author: Sarra Manning

Pages: 288 Pages

Publisher: Hot Key Books

The Blurb

Twelve hours, two boys, one girl . . . and a whole lot of hairspray.

Seventeen-year-old Sunny’s always been a little bit of a pushover. But when she’s sent a picture of her boyfriend kissing another girl, she knows she’s got to act. What follows is a mad, twelve-hour dash around London – starting at 8pm in Crystal Palace (so far away from civilisation you can’t even get the Tube there) then sweeping through Camden, Shoreditch, Soho, Kensington, Notting Hill . . . and ending up at 8am in Alexandra Palace.

Along the way Sunny meets a whole host of characters she never dreamed she’d have anything in common with – least of all the devilishly handsome (and somewhat vain) French ‘twins’ (they’re really cousins) Jean Luc and Vic.

But as this love-letter to London shows, a city is only a sum of its parts, and really it’s the people living there who make up its life and soul. And, as Sunny discovers, everyone – from friends, apparent-enemies, famous bands and even rickshaw drivers – is willing to help a girl on a mission to get her romantic retribution.

A fast-paced, darkly funny love letter to London, boys with big hair and the joys of staying up all night.

The Review

When I look back at my life (32 and a half years of it) I don’t remember the specific days when I went to work or when I spent time revising for exams or idling my hours away texting friends (yes, I had a mobile phone at 16…although to be fair it was an Orange brick and you couldn’t technically send text messages) however, what I do remember are the crazy, unexpected adventures that I had. Days and nights when I went out and things didn’t go as planned but I ended up with henna tattoo’s and had made friends with random people. Ah, youth.

This is exactly what Sarra Manning’s latest book London Belongs to Us is all about. It follows a day in the life of Sunny and how having a cheating scumbag of a boyfriend has led to her having the adventure of a lifetime. You know what? This book is bloody brilliant.

In 288 pages, Manning manages to make you feel a kinship to protagonist Sunny, you want to wind your neck all out of shape as she takes on her cheating boyfriend, go on all of these crazy escapades even though you will probably get arrested at some point…or lose a shoe. Though what I mostly felt was that I wish I was still young enough to have wild potentially foolish adventures just like Sunny and co. London Belongs to Us made me miss being young in the best possible way. Equally, it made me remember some of the mad things that my friends and I got up to over the years. Memories.

If you are young you should read this book to make you realise that there is adventure around every corner and you need to make the most of it. For us who are no longer in our late teens, or as I used to refer to them, our ‘twenteens’, read London Belongs to Us and look back fondly on your life.

London Belongs to Us by Sarra Manning is available now.

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4 Stars

The Bucket List to Mend a Broken HeartThe Blurb

A hilarious new romantic comedy for fans of Lindsey Kelk and Jane Costello from Anna Bell, the bestselling author of Don’t Tell the Groom.

Abi’s barely left her bed since Joseph, the love of her life, dumped her, saying they were incompatible. When Joseph leaves a box of her possessions on her doorstep, she finds a bucket list of ten things she never knew he wanted to do. What better way to win him back than by completing the list, and proving they’re a perfect match?

But there’s just one problem – or rather, ten. Abi’s not exactly the outdoorsy type, and she’s absolutely terrified of heights – not ideal for a list that includes climbing a mountain, cycling around the Isle of Wight and, last but not least, abseiling down the tallest building in town . . .

Completing the list is going to need all Abi’s courage – and a lot of help from her friends. But as she heals her broken heart one task at a time, the newly confident Abi might just have a surprise in store . . .

The Review

Recently, my boyfriend and I went to stay at The Shard. We stayed there because he was turning thirty and it was on his bucket list. We got to talking about bucket lists and I realised that I don’t have one. Sure, there were some things that I would like to do but I have never considered them bucket list material more life goals.

I took our conversation as a sign to read The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Bell and maybe figure out if I had any bucket list material to work with.

The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart is about thirty year old designer Abi who has recently been dumped by her boyfriend of one year. Abi, understandably feels shocked and confused. Joseph, her ex, was who she saw herself spending the rest of her life with, was the one. When he unceremoniously does the obligatory returning of the other person’s property, Abi finds Joseph’s life bucket list and sets on an adventure as she tries to complete Joseph’s list in a misguided effort to win him back.

But life doesn’t always follow the best laid plans…

I really liked The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart because the drama started straight away. There wasn’t a long drawn out inciting incident. I knew the premise straight away. I also loved Bell’s characters, more so because they seemed ordinary and real. Abi didn’t seem to be this ostentatious girl who almost sought out drama. The way she acted, her logic about how she would get her boyfriend back was relatable. We have all been there. Abi was likable in her ordinariness. Bell also makes a really fanciable male lead – phwoar to Ben!

Overall though, what I liked about The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart is that it has got me thinking about my own bucket list. Yes, this book has made me think.

The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Bell is a lovely read, it is heart-warming and funny. It is a realistic view of modern day romance and it was a joy to read.

The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Bell is available now.

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4 Stars