Title: The Life of Rylan

Author: Rylan Clark Neal

Pages: 336 Pages

Publisher: Arrow

The Blurb

Well hark at you, stumbling upon my autobiography. Bet you wouldn’t have put money on that three years ago, eh?! Please don’t stress yourself out too much, though, it’s actually socially acceptable nowadays that you’re interested.

Firstly I’d like to emphasise that I have WRITTEN THIS BOOK MYSELF, so be assured you’re getting the TOOTH, the WHOLE TOOTH and NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH! (Which was my original choice of title, but babe, we’re so over that.) This book documents my story, year by year, from my humble beginnings growing up in the East End of London, becoming one of the nation’s most talked-about people overnight to finally moving up the spectrum from guilty pleasure, and getting nearer to national treasure.

It will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly you’ll discover who I really am. If it doesn’t do any of those things you’re not legally entitled to a refund – just clearing that up ;-).

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it. This book has been like therapy, and LORD was I in need. Enjoy!


The Review

I have a theory that the longevity of an X Factor contestant firmly depends on if you don’t win. Look at the history of the contestants: Olly Murs, JLS, Stacey Solomon. These are among the acts whose careers have been more successful than the winners – I can barely remember any winners – try, it’s really hard to do.

One of the most memorable contestants has t be Rylan Clark-Neal. I love Rylan. He is the phoenix from the ashes. He had such a rough start to his celebrity life but has managed to turn public opinion in his favour. Everyone loves the underdog.

If you read his autobiography The Life of Rylan (and you really should because it is brilliant) you can see how he worked this magic. He is so funny. He is humble and he is someone who absolutely adores the world of ‘celebrity’. You cannot help but get swept up along with Rylan. It was a joy to feel like I was there with him on his rise to success. This probably comes from watching him ‘grow up’ in front of us. Either way, he invites you into his world like you are going to be his new best friend.

If I could offer one piece of advice for the reader it would be that The Life of Rylan works brilliantly as an audiobook. It makes the whole experience feel like one long heart to heart with a friend.

The Life of Rylan by Rylan Clark-Neal is available now.

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Title: Uncommon Type

Author: Tom Hanks

Pages: 416 Pages

Publisher: Arrow

The Blurb

A collection of seventeen wonderful short stories showing that two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks is as talented a writer as he is an actor. 

A gentle Eastern European immigrant arrives in New York City after his family and his life have been torn apart by his country’s civil war. A man who loves to bowl rolls a perfect game–and then another and then another and then many more in a row until he winds up ESPN’s newest celebrity, and he must decide if the combination of perfection and celebrity has ruined the thing he loves. An eccentric billionaire and his faithful executive assistant venture into America looking for acquisitions and discover a down and out motel, romance, and a bit of real life. These are just some of the tales Tom Hanks tells in this first collection of his short stories. They are surprising, intelligent, heartwarming, and, for the millions and millions of Tom Hanks fans, an absolute must-have!

The Review

Tom Hanks’ selection of short stories is a delightful read. They read like the man acts and I don’t think I would have expected any less. You can see the blend of Hanks’s natural wit along with the influence of filmic style.

For me the one downside is that the short stories featured in Uncommon Type tended to be on the long side. You couldn’t reakky read the book in one sitting. However, they did work as perfect palate cleansers between different books.

Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks is available now.

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