Title: The Traitors

Author: C. A. Lynch

Pages: 270 Pages

Publisher: Harper Collins/One More Chapter

The Blurb

The brand new locked-room thriller for fans of Ruth Ware and Freida McFadden.

You are cordially invited to the Beechwood Castle for a night you’ll never forget…

Six people find a thick cream envelope on their doorstep. Inside is an invitation to spend 24 hours in a crumbling manor house and be in with the chance to win a portion of one million dollars. The catch: Beechwood Castle was the site of one of the most horrific murders in modern history.

The smell of blood, decay and death still hangs heavy in the air.

Six people walk into the house. One of them is an imposter, all of them are traitors, which of them will survive the night?

The Review

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am the perfect reader for a mystery novel because I never, ever see the big reveal coming. It was not different when I read The Traitors.

Beechwood Castle has seen some drama over the years, the abandoned building was a haunt for unruly teenagers looking for a place to hang out. However, when a brutal murder happens the castle is locked up but its notoriety grew. Now the castle has been bought and reopened and six special guests have been invited to spend the night, all have one thing in common – the murder that took place all those years ago.

The Traitors is a fun mystery. It is fast paced with short chapters and the multi-perspective narrative keeps you guessing to the end. The setting is perfect and acts like an additional character with all its nooks and crannies.

I genuinely had a lot of fun reading this novel.

The Traitors by C. A. Lynch is available now.

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Title: The Bachelorette Party

Author: Carissa Ann Lynch

Pages: 264 Pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

The Blurb

New Orleans: live music, endless drinks, brightly-coloured attractions, the perfect place for a party…

The bride-to-be

The best friend

The cousin

The mother-in-law

The sister

The groom’s friend

The bachelorette begins on a Friday night; all six women are excited for a chance to escape their everyday lives. But then friendly rivalries turn vicious, and a game of truth or dare turns deadly.

By the end of the weekend one of them will be dead…

The Review

Holy cow, what a fun, intense thriller.

I am not the sharpest tool in the box and so I am aware that all the things that I loved about The Bachelorette Party a seasoned reader would hate but since the thriller genre is not my ‘go-to’ choice then I am going to revel in the fact that I just did not see things coming.

The story centres around the bachelorette party of Rosalee. Organised by her friends and family, the party takes off to New Orleans for a few days of fun and frivolity. However, some members of the party (in particular Rosalee’s soon to be mother-in-law) are not to happy that the wedding is taking place.

Midway through the bachelorette party a body is found and everyone is a suspect.

The Bachelorette Party kept me on the edge of my seat and I genuinely had no idea who the murderer was and I loved the style of writing that included a multi-perspective narrative with updates from the detective. It was really well written and engaging.

I will be reading more from Carissa Ann Lynch.

The Bachelorette Party by Carissa Ann Lynch is available now.

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