Title: The Mystery Guest

Author: Nita Prose

Pages: 336 Pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

The Blurb


Molly Gray wears her Head Maid badge proudly for every shift at the Regency Grand Hotel: plumping pillows, sweeping up secrets, silently restoring rooms to a state of perfection. But the hotel’s reputation is sullied when a guest – a famous mystery writer – drops very dead on the tearoom floor.

As suspicion swirls in the hotel corridors, it’s clear there’s grime lurking beneath the gilt. And Molly knows that she alone holds the key to the mystery. But unlocking it means thinking about the past, about a dusty old house, and everything else she’s tidied away in her memory.

Because Molly knew the dead guest once upon a time – and she knows his secrets too . . .

The Review

Our favourite amateur (and unsuspecting) sleuth Molly Gray is back and I couldn’t be more happy!

The Regency Grand is just recovering from the last scandal they were embroiled in when a body was found dead (and murdered) in a hotel room. However, drama is never far away and when a famous crime writer hires the hotel to host a press conference trouble soon ensues. It is up to Molly and her band of hotel staff to help solve the mystery.

I loved The Mystery Guest. I loved The Maid but I felt much more at ease with The Mystery Guest. With The Maid, the sense of injustice really hit me hard. Molly sees the world differently and there is the suggestion that she is on the autistic spectrum and with the first book I felt myself feeling genuinely scared for the character. Now I am more comfortable because I now know it is cosy crime so my anxiety was a lot less.

I love this series and I do hope there are many more to come. Molly Gray is brilliant and I want more of these stories.

The Mystery Guest by Nita Prose is available now.

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