Title: I Am, I Am, I Am

Author: Maggie O’Farrell

Pages: 304 Pages

Publisher: Tinder Press

The Blurb

We are never closer to life than when we brush up against the possibility of death.

I Am, I Am, I Am is Maggie O’Farrell’s astonishing memoir of the near-death experiences that have punctuated and defined her life. The childhood illness that left her in the hospital for nearly a year, which she was not expected to survive. A teenage yearning to escape that nearly ended in disaster. An encounter with a serial killer on a remote path. And, most terrifying of all, an ongoing, daily struggle to protect her daughter from a condition that leaves her unimaginably vulnerable to life’s myriad dangers.

Seventeen discrete encounters with Maggie at different ages, in different locations, reveal a whole life in a series of tense, visceral snapshots. In taut prose that vibrates with electricity and a restrained emotion, O’Farrell captures the perils running just beneath the surface, and illuminates the preciousness, beauty and mysteries of life itself.

The Review

I Am, I Am, I Am is the memoir of Maggie O’Farrell. In this book she has punctuated key events in her life with the 17 times that she has faced death.

So far, so interesting.

MaggieO’Farrell is a prolific writer however beyond this fact I know (or knew) nothing about her. Therefore it was interesting to look at the world through the eyes of a relative strangers. To see how she was treated because of her age, her gender and her life choices. O’Farrell writes with such candour, never hiding the more unsavoury side of who she is, was, and how her decisions have defined who she has and will become.

I Am, I Am, I Am  is the kind of biography that you want to read – warts and all.

I Am, I Am, I Am by Maggie O’Farrell is available now.

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