Title: Bad Men

Author: Julie Mae Cohen

Pages: 314 Pages

Publisher: Bonnier Books

The Blurb

Saffy Huntley-Oliver has a secret. A secret that she is deeply ashamed of. It’s not the fact that she’s a serial killer in her free time. In fact, she’s quite proud of that. After all she’s only killing the bad men. She is making the world a better place.

No, her secret is far worse than that. Saffy has a messy, inexplicable, uncontrollable crush. So while she’s busy plotting her next murder, she also has the much harder task of figuring out how to get a boyfriend.

But if there’s one thing Saffy knows, it’s how to get her man . . .

The Review

Bad Men is a funny book. I could leave the review at that but I won’t.

You have heard of boy math. You have heard of girl math. Now we need to look at killer math. Saffy Huntley-Oliver is a bit of a sociopath. She has spent her life as a vigilante. She murders men who she thinks shouldn’t be alive anymore. When Saffy falls in love with a crime podcaster she sets about staging a meet cute with very bad consequences.

Julie Mae Cohen has really struck a funny note with this book. I love the concept and the delivery was excellent. It reminded me of the Sweetpea series by CJ Skuse. Saffy is a seriously intimidating protagonist who you cannot help but love. There were things she did – not the murdery things, this isn’t a confession – that I totally understood and I have to applaud Julie Mae Cohen for creating such a memorable character. I only wish there were more stories featuring Saffy Huntley-Oliver.

Bad Men. Buy it now!

Bad Men by Julie Mae Cohen is available now.

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