Title: Out of Heart

Author: Irfan Master

Pages: 272 Pages

Publisher: Hot Key Books

The Blurb

Donating your heart is the most precious gift of all.


Adam is a teenage boy who lives with his mum and younger sister. His dad has left them although lives close by. His sister no longer speaks and his mum works two jobs. Adam feels the weight of the world upon his shoulders.

Then his grandfather dies and in doing so he donates a very precious gift – his heart. 

William is the recipient of Adam’s grandfather’s heart. He has no family and feels rootless and alone. In fact, he feels no particular reason to live. And then he meets Adam’s family. 

William has received much, but it appears that he has much to offer Adam and his family too.

A powerful tale of love and strength in adversity.


The Review

Out of Heart is a powerful story about the enduring ability of love and how death cannot weaken those feelings.

Adam is a bit of a loner kid. He doesn’t let anyone in. His family live hand-to-mouth, his dad isn’t in the picture anymore, his sister doesn’t speak and then his grandfather dies. This isn’t a spoiler. It happens in the first chapters. However, when the recipient of Adam’s grandfather’s heart appears on their doorstop Adam’s world is rocked.

I honestly loved Out of Heart. I read it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. It deals with uncomfortable matters with kindness and shows you the value of friendship and love.

Out of Heart by Irfan Master is available now.

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