Title: Maggie Does Meribel (Girls on Tour Book 3)

Author: Nicola Doherty

Pages: 62 pages


They say that relationships are made or broken when you go on holiday together. This is the situation that Maggie finds herself in when she and boyfriend Leo go on a group skiing holiday to Meribel. Whilst Maggie knows her relationship with Leo isn’t perfect she does not expect to see how bad things have gotten.

Things go from bad to worse when Maggie embarks on an innocent flirtation with hunky ski instructor Sylvan. Can Maggie and Leo repair their relationship before it is too late?


Maggie Does Meribel has been my favourite of the Girls on Tour series of books. What Nicola Doherty has managed to do (and do very well) is create a realistic story about the pitfalls of any relationship. The way she describes Maggie’s insecurity about rocking the boat when it is damn obvious that Leo is being horrible to her is such an honest account. Haven’t we all felt like that sometimes?

This was especially clever by being juxtaposed with the two other relationships within the story. They showed us, the reader, and Maggie exactly what she was missing.

I think Nicola Doherty has created such a wonderful series of books and each one has its own merits. With Maggie Does Meribel it is the anti-love story that makes it so special. Another massive well done to Nicola Doherty.

Maggie Does Meribel by Nicola Doherty is available now.

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Maggie Does Meribel

Title: Lily Does LA

Author: Nicola Doherty

Pages: 76 pages


The life of an actor is never easy; it is even more difficult when you are an out of work actor whose biggest acting achievement is a two second walk on part on a sofa advert. Unfortunately, this is the situation that Lily finds herself in. When the opportunity comes up for Lily to travel to LA to be part of her cousin’s wedding she jumps on it. When she finds out her cousin’s future husband is a Hollywood agent it looks like Lily’s luck is about to change.


I loved the first part of the Girls on Tour series – Poppy Does Paris. I did find Lily Does LA a little bit harder to get into.

Initially, I found Lily a little bit petulant. She was selfish and attracted the wrong kind of drama. I have to admit, she was really hard to like. Unlike Poppy – who seemed to make genuine mistakes, Lily caused her own drama and then didn’t really take responsibility for her actions.

However, once Lily had her life epiphany and had a complete character arc reveal she became quite likable, to the point that I am looking forward to reading more about her in the rest of the series.

So whilst I would say that Poppy Does Paris is more enjoyable do not give up Lily Does LA. Lily does become more likable and her story was actually very enjoyable.

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Lily Does LA

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Lily Does LA