When a Tornado sweeps across Amy’s hometown, the trailer in which she lives with her mother and pet rat is swept up and lands Amy in Oz. Yes, that Oz. Amy swiftly learns that the Oz that we have read about in the classic stories is not all what it seems. Now ruled under a reign of terror at the hands of Dorothy, Amy has to try her hardest to stay alive.


The Wizard of Oz has always been one of my favourite stories. More so due to the movie rather than the books (although I do plan to read the whole series of Wizard of Oz books in 2015) however, I cannot seem to warm to any of the literature that has been created in light of the original story.

Well, actually that is a lie. I bloody love Wicked The Musical. The book Wicked didn’t do it for me though. Dorothy Must Die is an extremely clever concept. The idea that Dorothy had turned evil and changed Oz for the worse is so clever. It usurps everything that we know about Oz and our beloved characters and the way Paige tells the story it seems almost plausible that Dorothy would be angry at another girl arriving in Oz by tornado; sheesh, get your own entrance!

There are interesting twists on characters and a few third act surprises that do keep you on your toes. However, I did find that there was far too much exposition and not a lot of action happening. I felt that the pace sometimes dragged.

Overall, Dorothy Must Die is a brave attempt to take on a classic story and for the most part Paige succeeds. With the subsequent sequels I do hope that a lot more action takes place.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige is available now.

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