Title: Well Behaved Women

Author: Caroline Lamond

Pages: 384 Pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

The Blurb

When Maybelle Crabtree, a God-fearing farm girl from Kentucky, has a chance encounter with a charismatic stranger, her life changes forever. With an invitation to join the infamous Alla Nazimova and her Sewing Circle, Maybelle’s eyes are opened to a life of decadence and glamour.

Able to freely discover her own sexuality, Maybelle embraces all that Hollywood has to offer in the hedonist roaring twenties.

But both Maybelle and Alla have secrets that threaten to bring their gilded lives crashing down. Hearts will be broken, careers destroyed and friendships shattered because what happens behind closed doors, doesn’t stay hidden forever…

TW: This book contains scenes of a sexual nature, violence, domestic abuse and abortion.

The Review

I do love me some historical fiction and I really enjoyed Caroline Lamond’s Well Behaved Women.

Well Behaved Women focuses on the life of real life actress Alla Nazimova and asks “what if?” Caroline Lamond has magically woven a story out of this concept and invited readers to a time and place that we can only dream about being a part of and peeks behind the curtain of the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle.

Accompanying Alla’s story we have Maybelle – a country bumpkin who is seduced by the Hollywood crowd. We follow her into Alla’s world and marvel at how different her life becomes.

Well Behaved Women is a good story and the sapphic elements make you realise just how careful people had to be due to the judgement of those around them. It is an entertaining read and one that fans of historical fiction, the world of celebrity and LGBTQIA+ stories will love.

Well Behaved Women by Caroline Lamond is available now.

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