Title: Callum

Author: Malorie Blackman

Pages: 61 Pages

Publisher: Penguin

The Blurb

In a hostile alternative society, the pale-skinned noughts are treated as inferiors by the ruling dark-skinned Crosses. Callum’s a nought. Sephy’s a Cross. In their world, they simply don’t fit – it’s as clear as black and white. But their childhood friendship has grown into intense, burning love. They have to find a way to be together. Then Sephy’s kidnapped, and Callum’s faced with a choice– his love for Sephy or his loyalty to his brother. Once that choice is made, there can be no looking back. An explosive and passionate short story, set during the timeline of Malorie Blackman’s original dystopian bestseller, Noughts and Crosses.

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The Review

Callum is the short story that shows us more of Sephy and Callum’s final moments together. Following on from Noughts and Crosses we get access to the more intimate moments between the pair and we see how they used to be together before all the social politics and racism got in the way. 

This short story reminded me of the scene in Romeo and Juliet when they consulate their marriage and then have to part. It is the last time that they see each other alive. It is similar for Sephy and Callum. Sephy survives but the tragedy is still painful.

Since reading the wonderful Noughts and Crosses I have becomes determined to read the whole series. Even Malorie Blackman’s short story about Callum and Sephy has managed to pack an emotional punch and keep me hooked.

Callum by Malorie Blackman is available now.

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