Title: Alexander’s Relations

Author: Roger Stokes

Pages: 171 Pages

Publisher: Matador

The Blurb

Where would we be without our memories? And what memories would we have without our relationships?

Five friends, five decades.

From the swinging 60s to the early 2000s, five friends explore life and love to the full. Beginning in a nondescript suburb, onto swinging London and hedonistic getaways to the Costa Dorada and Provence, their outlooks on life and relationships with each other change and grow over the years.

An achingly real, nostalgic tale of life, friendship and love that flows from the innocence of flower power to the era of the internet, Alexander’s Relations echoes the voices of a generation.

The author’s first novel, The Good Man’s Daughter, was published in 2011.

The Review

I really wanted to enjoy Alexander’s Relations. I love books with a music base, I love the 60s and I adore coming of age novels. Sadly, I really didn’t enjoy the writing style. So much so that I had to DNF this title.

For me, the side comments by the protagonist were grating. They didn’t seem to happen just once or twice. It felt like it was the end of every section. It made the writing seem conversational which would be fine if that had been set up at the beginning of the story – like if the characters were reminiscing to another character but they were talking to the reader and it just did not sit well at all.

Personally, I think that this novel needed a bit of revision and tidying up. The premise and the story could have been executed better.

Alexander’s Relations by Roger Stokes is available now.

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