Review: The Trial by Rob Rinder

Title: The Trial

Author: Rob Rinder

Pages: 358 Pages

Publisher: Random House

The Blurb


When hero policeman Grant Cliveden dies from a poisoning in the Old Bailey, it threatens to shake the country to its core.

The evidence points to one man. Jimmy Knight has been convicted of multiple offences before and defending him will be no easy task. Not least because this is trainee barrister Adam Green’s first case.

But it will quickly become clear that Jimmy Knight is not the only person in Cliveden’s past with an axe to grind.

The only thing that’s certain is that this is a trial which will push Adam – and the justice system itself – to the limit.

The Review

What an absolute corker of a courtroom thriller.

The Trial by Rob Rinder presents us with Adam Green, trainee solicitor who is desperate to win a coveted place in a respected office. When he is put on a high profile murder case he is expected to do grunt work and kowtow to his teacher. However, the more he looks into the case the more inconsistencies he sees and Adam begins to question whether his client is guilty or not.

This is a fantastic debut from Rob Rinder. When you read it, you know that the legalese is going to be accurate but even better than that is a well crafted story with a likeable protagonist who you feel could carry a whole series. I cannot wait for the sequel!

The Trial by Rob Rinder is available now.

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