Review: Murder on a School Night by Kate Weston

Title: Murder on a School Night

Author: Kate Weston

Pages: 384 Pages

Publisher: Electric Monkey

The Blurb

There’s never a good time to find a dead body. But finding a dead body while you’re trying to kiss your crush?

Dead awkward.

All Kerry wants to do is stay at home with her rom-coms and strict retainer schedule. Instead, her BFF Annie has roped her into going to their first sixth-form party to investigate who’s cyberbullying Heather, the most popular girl in school.

On the cusp of kissing her dreamy crush, Scott, Kerry discovers the body of Heather’s second in command – suffocated with a menstrual cup. Within days, another student turns up dead, this time with a sanitary pad across the eyes. Now Annie and Kerry are officially on the case to stop the menstrual murderer . . . period.

The Review

I am a fan of Kate Weston. I read her Diary of a Confused Feminist a few years ago and I laughed a lot. Weston writes like a modern day Louise Rennison and creates brilliant female characters.

In her new story Murder on a School Night, best friends Kerry and Annie set about trying to solve a local murder and outwit the inept police. However, trying to solve crime and survive high school isn’t that easy.

Murder on a School Night is a laugh-out-loud hilarious book that does not hold back on the teenage vernacular – this book does not patronise its readers.

A brilliant story!

Murder on a School Night by Kate Weston is available now.

For more information regarding Kate Weston (@kateeliweston) please visit her Twitter page.

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